Frammenti di vita di un italiano ad Amsterdam

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Sounds of Amsterdam

If you already came here you know what I’m talking about. The sounds of Amsterdam are unmistakable and will capture your ears since you put your feet out of the Central Station for the first time . Trams, traffic lights, bikes, wind, water, voices, music.

The sounds of a place are important. They remain etched in your mind as a bas-relief and suddenly you’re back to those places and feelings that you have lived and left there. Trapped forever just for you in that precise space and time context. Like a good or a bad ghost, that appears only in your mind when you walk through or remind a place that for everyone else means nothing.

I’m leaving Amsterdam, that’s why updates were scarce lately. I’m going to write a few more posts about things I’d like to tell you about the city and I hope I do not lose the desire of doing it far away from here. New projects, new adventures call me back to Italy. Amsterdam will always be in my heart. These days I’m experiencing the city like an average tourist. Walking. To say goodbye or maybe tot ziens to all those places that I liked.

I was in a cafe bruin few days ago and the music inside was a sweet piano melody. I thought it is going to take a bit of time before I can get back to be again in a place like this and I wanted to help me not to forget. I recorded those sounds that I liked so much and I uploaded them on Soundcloud. Today I did other recordings walking through the city. Actually they are just four. It ‘s my audio memory of Amsterdam, at least part of it. I chose places that were meaningful not only for me, so famous that they can be of service to everyone, even to those who were here only once, to return to Amsterdam for a few minutes. Those who has never been in the city could dream what to expect. It’s the legacy of the blog. That will remain available for everybody and who knows, maybe can continue to be a help, sometimes even a point of reference for someone willing to move to Amsterdam.

I come back home after almost a year, but largely satisfied with what Amsterdam has given to me. The experiences I have had here are of primary importance for my growth and personal enrichment . Especially people, lots of gorgeous ones, that have filled my heart during my Dutch life. They are the hardest thing to leave, in the delicate process of evaluating all that is around me for the access to the overpacked suitcases.
But in Amsterdam people always arrive and leave. Even those I’m actually leaving here, sooner or later will find themselves facing the inevitable decision, which on average comes after two and a half years: returning back home or stay forever? There are those who ‘s got the answer right away. Even those who are convinced of one thing and then discovers that the truth is otherwise. I always knew that I would not have stopped in Amsterdam for long times. In an interview for the blog Voglio Vivere Così (I want to live like this) I concluded that “Amsterdam is an expert lover, she’s not angry if you are in love with another one, but in the meantime you spend your nights with her.”

So Friday I’m leaving. And on the bathroom’s mirror, I’m going to write this with her lipstick:

Dear Amsterdam ,
I’ll never forget the time I’ve spent with you.

But I love another one, you knew it from the beginning, and I decided to come back to her.

You know I’m telling the truth and I know you’ll understand.
I will never erase your number. Sooner or later we will meet again.
And it will be wonderful as all times.